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Feature article December 12, 2018:


dynaCERT Inc. Carbon Emission Reduction Technology  -- Major Growth Trajectory


 dynaCERT Inc.

  (TSX-V: DYA) (OTCQB: DYFSF) (Frankfurt: DMJ)


 Shares Outstanding:  ~256 million

 Recently Traded: ~CDN$0.18/share (TSX-V: DYA)

 Current Market Capitalization: ~$46 million Canadian

 Corporate Website:


dynaCERT's HydraGENTM technology offers immediate solutions to the problem of air pollution by lowering pollution levels; reduces greenhouse gases ~50%, and reduces particulate matter ~75%, all while increasing fuel-savings up to ~20%, providing better torque, and lowering maintenance costs.

  • HG1 4.5T Unit & HG1 2.5T Unit targets diesel truck market & buses (class 6 - 8 engines).

  • HG2 Unit targets refrigeration container & light truck market; dynaCERT's HG2 unit is set to hit commercialization in Q3-2018 targeting initially refrigerated trailers. The HG-2 unit is smaller than the HG-1 units and conceivably can be expanded to service smaller trucks, buses and smaller trucks commonly found outside of North America, such as in European countries and in India.

  • HG3 Unit targets large stationary power generator, marine, & rail market. (HG3 unit; 6,000hp - 30,000hp engines).

  • Targeting 'off-grid' energy solutions; dynaCERT is leveraging its unique hydrogen production technology by marrying it with inputs from renewable energies (e.g. solar) to generate sustainable quantities of hydrogen to power fuel cell power stations (this program is currently in R&D with costs subsidized by grants).



Valuation Commentary:


dynaCERT Inc. (TSX-V: DYA) (OTCQB: DYFSF) (Frankfurt: DMJ) currently has a market cap of only ~C$60 million, miniscule compared to where the Company is headed; DYA.V’s valuation appears poised to rise dramatically as its HydraGENTM (HG) technology is increasingly being recognized globally as the single most effective and practical piece of equipment businesses and governments can adopt to meaningfully reduce greenhouse gases.


This September-2018 Mercedes Benz, Volkswagen, ManTruck, Volvo, Freightliner, and other OEMs met with dynaCERT sales and engineering team expressing great interest in HG technology enabling them to meet stricter upcoming European CO2 regulation standards. The OEM discussions also included opportunities to consider the aftermarket sales of HG technology through the respective current dealer networks of OEMs. Sales for dynaCERT will take a dramatic leap as a plethora of new relationships mature over the coming months. Already dynaCERT has reported global installations of its new HG1-45 models for diesel truck engines are “advancing very successfully”. On September 24, 2018 the Company gave an update entitled "dynaCERT Offers a Solution to 2019 European CO2 Regulations" whereby European homologation (validation) testing is complete (official certification expected to be formalized near-term) and the results made dynaCERT the talk of show at the IAA Commercial Vehicles International Exhibition in Hanover, Germany (September 20 to 27, 2018), where dynaCERT held its official product launch for Europe. The Company has provided a  synopsis of the European homologation results, they are extremely positive; results include a 8.9% improvement in fuel consumption, a 8.7% reduction in CO2, a 88% reduction in NOx, a 52% reduction in Total Hydrocarbons (THC), a 54.5% reduction in Particulate Matter (PM) and a 74.3% reduction in Particulate Number.


Noteworthy excerpt from the Sept. 24, 2018 release, "While the dynamometer test showed a 8.9% fuel savings, separately, during the on-road break-in period after the baseline test, the on-board diagnostic (OBD) record of the 2018 MAN TGX 18-460 long haul truck with an HG1-45B showed a 20.1% average fuel savings for the 188 hours of tests, travelling through the mountainous terrain of southern Germany in a heavy load commercial operation."


As the trajectory for HG unit sales accelerates it won't take long for the economics to flourish, especially considering the healthy gross profit margins per unit and the fact there is a market with desperate need globally for millions of HG1 and HG2 units, capable of drastically cutting greenhouse gas emissions from diesel engines.



a)    b)    c)

Figure 1. New Pit Group Certified HG1 Unit (a - left above) installed on diesel truck, (b - center above) in polymer case, (c - right above) rugged case. As with any young technology there have been hiccups; marketplace resistance, certification, supplier issues, refinements, improvements, upgrades, etc... it appears all major hurdles are now behind dynaCERT. The Company's product evolution positions it as having something no one else in the marketplace comes close to in terms of competition or efficacy, uniquely positioning the Company for global sales growth at a time the world is increasingly aware of the need for solutions.


So impressive is the HydraGENTM technology dynaCERT is the Gold Medal winner of the prestigious 2018 Edison Award for Best New Product. dynaCERT officially launched its next-gen HG1 4.5T unit targeting diesel burning class 6 - 8 engines of transport trucks this April-2018 (see related release here). The future is extremely bright for dynaCERT as the level of enthusiasm is building globally for an immediate solution to greenhouse gas related climate change and the dire need for clean breathable air. The Company now has >30 dealers and agents worldwide covering all major markets globally.


------ ------ ------      ------ ------ ------      ------ ------ ------


Technology that pays for itself: Real-world results to date are highly encouraging as clients attest to significant savings in fuel costs and reduction of harmful greenhouse gas emissions; e.g. User reports that its Class 8 trucks operating in the Toronto-Florida route achieving up to 17% fuel savings and 66% DEF reduction (source May 29, 2018 release).


View video interview of dynaCERT's CEO: Running time 4 min. 37 sec. 


View video overview of dynaCERT's technology -- there are literally hundreds of millions of diesel engines globally that are candidates for this technology: Running time 3 min. 50 sec. 

Note: dynaCERT was recently subject of an Advisory from Analyst Jay Taylor of Hard Money Advisors who believes dynaCERT will gain traction in both sales and profit, his full advisory is available here.

Fig. 2 dynaCERT leveraging its new gold Edison Award at recent Truck World exhibition.


The following excerpt is from the Company's September 24, 2018 Corporate Update:

European CO2 Regulations
The European regulations VECTO for CO2 reduction come into effect on January 1, 2019 ( This regulation will require all truck manufacturers to provide full emission testing on every new vehicle model in various load and road configurations. These tests then become the baseline from which each vehicle sold in Europe built after January 1, 2025 must achieve a 15% reduction in CO2. A further 5% reduction requirement is to be achieved by 2030. Vehicles that do not achieve these CO2 reductions will lose their regulatory approvals.

As shown in the press release dated September 17, 2018, TUV tests were conducted under the requirement for Homologation to obtain an Allgemeinebetriebserlaubnis (ABE), the German Transport regulatory license that is required for any equipment used on on-road vehicles in Europe. dynaCERT first contacted TUV 15 months ago. As the HydraGEN™ is the First-to-Market on-demand hydrogen delivery system, there was no protocol at that time, TUV had to develop a brand new testing protocol for the HydraGEN™ Technology evaluation for Homologation. At such time, the Senior Engineer of TUV-SUD stated, “There does not exist equipment such as the HydraGEN™ Technology in the European market. dynaCERT’s HG1 is a Revolutionary Product coming into the European market at a time where this technology is urgently needed to help achieve current Paris Accord commitments and the very strict future European CO2 requirements.”

The Head of Emissions Testing and Validation released the Test Data Results to management participating at the IAA. He stated emphatically, “We understandably struggled to justify how and why the HydraGEN™ unit performs as this is simply new to our marketplace. This is a real and effective product.” While the dynamometer test showed a 8.9% fuel savings, separately, during the on-road break-in period after the baseline test, the on-board diagnostic (OBD) record of the 2018 MAN TGX 18-460 long haul truck with an HG1-45B showed a 20.1% average fuel savings for the 188 hours of tests, travelling through the mountainous terrain of southern Germany in a heavy load commercial operation.

The current status of the Homologation ABE application is that all required testing has been completed and the HydraGEN™ technology has passed all test points. Final reporting of the results has been submitted to TUV-NORD which will compile an overview report and submit such report to the Government Transport Ministry (Kraftfahrtbundesamt KBA) for final review prior to ABE certification. Once the ABE is issued, dynaCERT GmbH will be authorized to sell HydraGEN™ units for use on vehicles across Europe.

Robert Maier COO & Chief Engineer, states: “The successful German test results add credence for our HydraGEN™ Technology. The positive response at the IAA increases our confidence in the viability and future demand for our product. The strict European regulations that are coming into place for CO2 reductions will drive the necessity for a innovative solution for which our HydraGEN™ Technology will play a predominant role.”. here for full copy from source


Note: Besides stricter upcoming European CO2 regulation standards, stricter regulations are being proposed in the USA; The Environmental Protection Agency on November 13, 2018 announced plans to place more stringent restrictions on pollution from heavy-duty trucks, in a move that won the Trump administration rare praise from environmental groups. Nearly two decades have passed since the EPA last updated its standards for emissions of nitrogen oxide, or NOx, that govern the nation’s heavy-duty trucking fleet. Two years ago, 20 state and local air regulators, backed by public health groups, petitioned the agency to revamp its regulations of NOx, citing adverse effects on health and air quality. Source: EPA website – Noteworthy as dynaCERT has proven emission reduction in NOx of 88%, CO of 50%, and particulate matter of 75% in heavy-duty trucks.


The following excerpt is from the Company's September 17, 2018 Corporate Update:

Global Installations
Several HG1-45B units have been shipped and are being installed in Bangladesh, Brazil and India.

Of significant note is dynaCERT’s Dealer in South Asia that has had many meetings in West Bengal and Bangladesh with authorities to begin verification trials on buses, transports, power generators and fishing vessels and with a view to implementing large orders backed by Export Development Corporation (EDC). EDC is a crown corporation owned by the Government of Canada and whose mandate is to foster international trade by supporting Canadian businesses to sell their products internationally throughout the world. As these installations are on older diesel technology engines that are typically Euro2 rated, the end-users are reporting to dynaCERT reductions in fuel consumption and improvements in engine power within a week of the start of use.

dynaCERT’s Dealer in Brazil has met with local authorities whose mandates are strongly focused on carbon emission reductions. Several units shipped last month to Brazil are now installed on different machinery and transports. Of particular note is one logging truck operating at 10 kilometres per hour for a distance of only 50 kilometres per day hauling heavy loads, 40 tonnes of logs, which is already experiencing fuel savings.

The first of its kind, the HG1-45-4C unit, is to be installed onto a 1.5-megawatt generator in the Middle East. It is currently in transit from Dubai to its final destination in a remote desert where it will be installed onto one of 12 diesel generators. The customer of dynaCERT’s Middle East Dealer, a very large industrial equipment manufacturer and operator, runs over 500 power plants in the region. This model HG1-45-4C unit is expected to be used throughout the Middle East on generators that power the requirements of small villages and oil-refining plants. Dyna CERT has been advised that every jurisdiction in the region is seeking cost effective and sustainable solutions, their primary focus being Carbon Emissions Reduction.

Development of dynaCERT’s large engine HG-145-6C unit has passed through functional testing. The HG1-45-6C is targeted and appropriate for engines of 80 to 100 litres in size for commercial mining machinery, such as the CAT 797F Large-Haul ore truck. dynaCERT is now ready to ship its first of such units to a large gold mining operation in Northern Quebec.

The first-of-type, the HG1-45-F unit, is installed onto a large combine in Western Canada for this year’s annual harvest. This HG1-45-F unit is expected to operate 24 hours per day for the next 2 months. here for full copy from source


The following excerpt is from the Company's June 21, 2018 Corporate Update:

Dubai & Middle East
We are pleased to announce that we continue to receive orders from our dealer in Dubai. One such order includes a large specialized unit destined for a large containerized power generator at a plant in Dubai. This containerized generator is a rental unit operated by a company that manufactures and rents similar types of power plants across the Middle East where the application of this HydraGEN™ unit would be beneficial. It is interesting to note that the motivation of the client is for a reduction in carbon emissions and greenhouse gases.
dynaCERT is also pleased to announce that we have received delivery of our specialized Laser Welding Equipment designed and manufactured in Germany for the manufacturing of our HG-2 units. First production with this new equipment is expected to start within the next month. This Laser Welding Equipment is significant because it will allow our HG-2 units to be very robust, reliable and produced at lower costs.
Future Carbon Credits
While in England at the London Stock Exchange Studios, our CEO met with the Principle of International Environmental Partners Limited (IEPL) which is a Sustainability Advisor and a Carbon & Biomass trader with relevant knowledge and data of 15,000 carbon projects worldwide. dynaCERT has commenced working with IEPL to place our carbon emission reduction technologies in the front line of capturing certified Carbon Credits. Our patent pending “Smart ECU”, as announced in press release dated October 5, 2017, “Systems and Methods for Tracking Greenhouse Gas Emissions Associated With an Entity”, provides the mechanism to collect Carbon Credits pursuant to the use of the HydraGEN™ Technology. With the development of a European built verification platform, which is consistent with the requirements mandated by the Paris Accord, management believes that this opportunity to trade carbon credits will exist within Europe, Canada, India and Dubai where the Company is already working. here for full copy from source


The following excerpt is from the Company's June 21, 2018 Corporate Update:

India Bus Market
dynaCERT is pleased to announce, after a successful trial programme, the receipt of a new order, with deposit, for HydraGEN™ units and the signing of our standard non-exclusive Dealer Agreement for the India Market where a total of 114 HG145 units are to be delivered. A HG145 unit has a retail list price of CAD $7,800.

Solutions 4 Pollution Private Limited (S4P) is a newly formed entity in India focused on delivering HydraGEN™ Technology to the inter-city bus market. The total number of buses in India alone exceeds one-half million diesel-powered vehicles. These buses operate typically to Euro III environmental standards where the use of the HydraGEN™ units could significantly reduce the urgent problem of toxic exhaust pollution and meaningfully save fuel costs of bus operators and owners. The use of the HydraGEN™ Technology is viewed as assisting the India Government in meeting its Paris Accord commitments.

The new order for HG145 units was agreed by dynaCERT and S4P to have a rollout period of 12 months commencing August 15, 2018 and to be supported by the Export Development Corporation (EDC), a Crown Corporation of the Government of Canada. here for full copy from source


Note: The India bus market is particularly noteworthy as the overall potential is enormous; the total number of buses in India alone exceeds one-half million diesel-powered vehicles. dynaCERT has received an initial order for 114 HG145 units to begin servicing the India diesel bus market -- the overall potential is enormous as total number of buses in India alone exceeds one-half million diesel-powered vehicles. dynaCERT recently hosted hundreds of executives from the All India Motor Transport Congress (AIMTC), whose members manage over 10 million trucks and 5 million buses in the India market.


------ ------ ------      ------ ------ ------      ------ ------ ------


Expanding into the potentially lucrative marine sector: This April-2018 dynaCERT announced it is pursuing Marine Classification Society Type Approval for its HydraGEN™ Technology through Lloyd’s Register. Type Approval for hydrogen-on-demand systems does not currently exist for vessels. The turn around time for approval is expected to be near 1 year. In the interim, targets for valuation of dynaCERT Inc. surrounding its HG-1 units for trucking alone, assuming only nominal adoption of the technology point to significantly higher share price for DYA.V, and once marine classification approval is obtained dynaCERT will be well positioned to excel in the marine sector too. The math on sales potential is staggering; example: to outfit just one container ship could easily generate close to $1 million in sales (as opposed to something in the trucking market which is short of $10,000/ unit.) and there are >90,000 commercial cargo ships alone operating world-wide. From a pollution standpoint; just one container ship puts out the equivalent emissions of 50 million cars per annum [click to view related link]. The Company also eventually plans to expand into the large power generation market and rail market.


The CERT in dynaCERT stands for “Combustion Emission Reduction Technology” -- the technology increases fuel-savings up to 19.2%, reduces greenhouse gases ~30%-50%, reduces particulate matter ~65%, creates a cleaner burn (significantly reducing carbon fouling), reduces diesel emission fluid use by ~30%, increases torque, and extends engine oil life. The independent testing firm PIT Group has verified a 5.9% improvement in fuel economy and between 46.1% to 50% reduction in carbon monoxide, total hydrocarbons and NOx in straight line conditions. There are units now on the road yielding upwards of 19.2% fuel savings in real world conditions. These results simply cannot be ignored by such a major industry as trucking -- besides the motivation of good corporate citizenry, or talk in some jurisdiction of potential environmental legislation compelling action, certainly the ROI from improved fuel economy and maintenance cost savings provides more than enough economic incentive to acquire this product.


 Figure 3. dynaCERT HG-1 unit on a Loblaw truck.


DYA.V's HydraGen™ technology is unique in the marketplace, it's units are essentially computerized on-demand electrolysis systems that supply the air intake of internal combustion engines with controlled timed releases of pure hydrogen and oxygen gases individually, creating a cleaner and more efficient burn. The system interfaces with the onboard computer of the engine -- the HydraGen™'s smart-ECU (the brains of the unit) can record the fuel savings and emission reductions while in operation, and provide an audit trail, essentially a greenhouse gas tracking system.


dynaCERT to gain significant traction in sales & profits


Some very significant names (Loblaw, The Beer Store, IFS Logistics Freight Systems) have been using dynaCERT’s HG-1 technology, mostly on a pilot-basis, and the reviews circulating within the industry from users are universally spectacular. This new technology is now percolating in a major way within the transportation sector, which appears only at the beginning of a massive adoption curve; these initial pilots/sales are expected to translate into strong expansion across entire fleets. What is different now is the truly global scale of the interest being generated of late, especially in places such as India which have major issues with air pollution.



Figure 4. Example of branding 'DRIVING CHANGE FOR A BETTER FUTURE' gleamed from dynaCERT's company home page (


dynaCERT's marketing and business council includes the former President of Cummins Diesel Canada and the former President & CEO of MEGA Brands joined dynaCERT. Both gentlemen joined dynaCERT in an advisory capacity ~mid-2017. The connections and pull within the industry these two individuals alone have are impressive. Entering 2018 their recommendations have begun being implemented and are expected to translate into significantly increased market awareness within the industry.


dynaCERT's Q2-2018 TruckWorld launch of the new HG1 4.5T Unit marks a pivotal new phase of the HG adoption curve. Excerpt from dynaCERT's related April 20, 2018 news release; "On April 18, over 32 national and international dealers and agents of dynaCERT were greeted by senior management for a full day of extensive training on the fully upgraded product line and were familiarized with the sales and marketing materials and corporate video in order to initiate the official launch at the Truck World Show. dynaCERT is very pleased with its dealer network and following our April 18 dealer meeting and launch of the upgraded HydraGEN™ products, dynaCERT has commenced shipping through its dealers to Halifax, Moncton, Montreal, cities in Ontario, Calgary and Edmonton. Internationally, as well, dynaCERT has commenced shipping to Pennsylvania, Texas, Mexico, India and Dubai and continues to ship to Germany."


History of dynaCERT:

2004 - Started as Dynamic Fuel Systems Inc.
2004 - First JetStar unit produced gas.
2009 - Introductory sales generated to First Adopters.
2010 - Developed Patent Pending separate gases provide unique characteristics.
2012 - Dynamic Fuel Systems becomes dynaCERT Inc.
2016 - 3rd party validation from UOIT confirmed the performance of
HydraGENTM technology.

2017 - Developed Patent Pending "Smart" Electronic Control Unit (ECU) - the brains of the HydraGENTM.
2017 - PIT Group confirmed Emission Reductions and Fuel Efficiency.
2017 - Shipping the HG1 product to customers worldwide.
2018 - All-new HG1 4.5T Unit launched in April for 10 to 15 litre turbo diesel engines.

2018 - HG2 unit targeting refrigeration container & light truck market -- planned launch.

2018 - European homologation. Tests were conducted under the requirement for Homologation to obtain an Allgemeinebetriebserlaubnis (ABE), the German Transport regulatory license that is required for any equipment used on on-road vehicles in Europe. ABE expected to be finalized near-term.


dynaCERT was effectively rebooted and rebranded in the latter part of 2017 after a trying year for dynaCERT; 2017 started off well with purchase orders and the Company started shipping well, however it discovered a problem over that summer and worked with its old supplier to identify the issue. The problem turned out to be the circuit board (supplied to dynaCERT), and the resulting recall/fix caused havoc with client goodwill after multiple versions of rectifications. That problem caused the Company to miss the opportunity to grab ~US$70 million in sales. dynaCERT was essentially in damage control and reputation repair; it started early with seeking PIT Group certification, that took time, but PIT Group certification is the cornerstone/start of dynaCERT 2.0. The Company has just (September-2018) received TUV homologation results in Germany (tests were conducted under the requirement for Homologation to obtain an Allgemeinebetriebserlaubnis (ABE), the German Transport regulatory license that is required for any equipment used on on-road vehicles in Europe) and dynaCERT is expected to soon receive related ABE certification, which is even bigger than receiving PIT Group certification as ABE is the recognized standard throughout Europe. Numerous other areas of the globe (~60% of the world), even into South America, look for the homologation validation. dynaCERT’s recent gold medal in the Edison Awards is evidence of the Company’s efforts of late and is a harbinger of things to come. dynaCERT has repaired the product, is rebuilding the brand, and has now re-launched. Only now, since the late April-2018 launch of its new HG units has the Company been able to actually get back to selling. Besides more certification catalysts, look for validation/affiliation catalysts as dynaCERT is now considered a leading candidate for government subsidies – a whole new level of incentivisation for the marketplace.


Recent Company news regarding developments of significance:


December 4, 2018 "dynaCERT Announces Completion of Oversubscribed Offering".


November 27, 2018 "dynaCERT Announces Offering Amendment, Proposed Oversubscribed 2nd Tranche Closing and Warrant Amendments".


October 19, 2018 "dynaCERT’s HydraGEN™ Seen as Ground-Breaking Technology in European Diesel Market".


October 1, 2018 "dynaCERT Comments on Ontario Drive Clean Program Redesign".


September 24, 2018 "dynaCERT Updates on IAA Commercial Vehicle Trade Show".


September 24, 2018 "dynaCERT Offers a Solution to 2019 European CO2 Regulations".


September 21, 2018 "dynaCERT Announces $1,000,000 First Tranche Subscription of Brokered Private Placement".


September 18, 2018 "dynaCERT Announces Brokered Private Placement".


September 17, 2018 "dynaCERT Continues New Global Installations and Significant Progress".


August 16, 2018 "dynaCERT Provides Updates on Homologation and Product Launch in Europe".


June 21, 2018 "dynaCERT Announces New HG145 Orders and New Dealers".


June 7, 2018 "dynaCERT Announces Updates, New Orders, New Equipment Received for HG-2".


May 29, 2018 "dynaCERT Announces New Orders, Repeat Business and Real-World Results".


May 11, 2018 "dynaCERT Official Launch of HydraGEN™ Technology in Middle East".


April 20, 2018 "dynaCERT Exhibits at Toronto’s Truck World Show and Closes Oversubscribed Final Tranche of Equity Private Placement".


April 12, 2018 "dynaCERT Receives Top Gold Award in 2018 Edison Awards for Vehicle Advancements".


April 10, 2018 "dynaCERT Expands its Dealer Network in the Middle East with Mr. Maheboob Nagji and Closes Second Tranche of Equity Private Placement".


March 5, 2018 "dynaCERT Official Launch of HydraGEN™ at TRUCKWORLD 2018".


March 2, 2018 "dynaCERT Provides India, Europe and Corporate Update".


February 27, 2018 "dynaCERT Provides Update re India Matters".


January 31, 2018 "dynaCERT Appoints Colonel Yalon Farhi as Director, Provides Corporate Update Including Equity Financing and Note Redemption".


December 21, 2017 "dynaCERT Receives Initial Order for Europe".


December 4, 2017 "dynaCERT Honoured by Attendees at India Congress".


November 29, 2017 "dynaCERT Inc.: PIT Group States “Test Results to be Envied”".


------ ------ ------      ------ ------- -------      ------- ------- ------


dynaCERT has two HG-1 lines; 1) an all-new HG1 4.5T Unit (which was officially launched on at TruckWorld this April-2018) for 10 to 15 litre turbo diesel engines such as for the Class 6-8 truck market, off-road equipment & power generator market, and 2) its original HG1 2.5T Unit for 5-10 litre turbo diesel engines which lends itself mainly to smaller trucks such as used in many overseas countries such as India and smaller diesel-powered machinery. The HG units use a smart-ECU to interface with a trucks diesel engine computer and regulates the injection on-demand of pure elemental hydrogen and oxygen (produced by the HG unit).


dynaCERT's HG2 HydraGEN™ technology, which is set to be launched soon, has a market that is multiples larger than for the HG1 product. The HG2 series are smaller in size and are targeted for the refrigerated trailer market (refer units) with engines up to ~2.5 L displacement. The HG2 units are also applicable to mobile construction equipment, class 2 – 5 delivery trucks and smaller stationary generators. This market size represents approximately 20 million applications in North America and similar sized market opportunities in each of the European and Asian markets. Each refer unit has a 4 cylinder diesel engine inside them that runs 24/7 to produce the refrigeration. Independent, PIT Group, testing of the refer HG-2 units are highly favorable, see related November 20, 2017 Company release "dynaCERT Releases Verification of its Advances in Reefer Engine Performance"; results confirmed: Fuel Consumption from 4.6 lb/hr to 3.5 lb/hr or 25% reduction, NOx from 150.5g/hr to 105.8g/hr or 30% reduction, Carbon Monoxide (CO) from 156.9g/hr to 77.5g/hr or 51% reduction, Carbon Dioxide (CO2) from 1713.2g/hr to 952.8g/hr or 44% reduction.

Production and Growing Capacity - Production of the different HG1 series models is underway with the current capacity to build HG1 units at 6,000 units per month. Production of the HG2 series models is soon to be operational and dynaCERT is expecting to receive the specialized robotic laser-welding equipment that is being manufactured in Germany to facilitate production. Future capacity to produce HG2 units is planned to reach 10,000 units per month.
Dealers and Agents – Extensive Network - The Company currently has 18 dealers and 7 agents servicing Canada, USA, Mexico, Germany, Belgium, Austria, Switzerland, Israel, Brazil, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Egypt, Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman, Qatar, Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Myanmar, Nepal, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka. Management noted on March 5th that it is currently in discussions to add new representatives for the territories of England, China, and some countries in Africa.


dynaCERT's Targeting of the Carbon Economy


Initiatives and mandates to reduce harmful emissions are coming into place in numerous countries that will directly benefit dynaCERT near-term.


Results verify DYA.V compellingly mitigates harmful climate change gases

In November-2017 dynaCERT received 3rd -party validation from the highly accredited PIT Group, considered the gold standard in automotive technology testing; testing verified that the HydraGEN™ HG1 unit reduced emissions of CO by 48.1%, THC by 50.0%, and NOx by 46.1%, all of which exceeded the dynaCERT's own estimates. Also in the PIT Group testing a ~6% fuel savings was verified on  a long straight flat run; fuel consumption was reduced by 5.9% when the test truck was run at a constant speed of 105 kilometres/hour for 100 kilometers on a flat track. Important to note is that dynaCERT has been able to verify even higher fuel savings in dynamic conditions (e.g. simulating city and hilly environments); the HG technology has the ability to alter the flows of H2O2 and control reductions in fuel consumption as high as 19.2% (as verified by independent scientists from the Automotive Centre of Excellence (AEC) at the University of Ontario Institute of Technology). Independent scientists from the Automotive Centre of Excellence (AEC) at the University of Ontario Institute of Technology, were engaged by dynaCERT in cooperation with the government to verify what the Company has already demonstrated on diesel engines in the field; a proven reduction of toxic gasses within the emissions by 30% to 40% all while improving fuel economy of ~10% to 15%. The lab was also tasked with helping to establishing the carbon-credits that businesses qualify for by purchasing and employing the technology.


The favorable third party validation testing of the HG technology by PIT Group has a major impact on the decision making "go-ahead" of potential clientele. Former Cummins Eastern Canada President, Mike Christodoulou (a member of dynaCERT's Advisory Board) stated, "I spoke directly with PIT Group representatives who claimed they had not seen these kinds of numbers in previously tested aftermarket technologies and that dynaCERT's results would be envied by other fuel improvement and carbon reducing technology providers." 


------ ------ ------      ------ ------- -------      ------- ------- ------


Figure 5. Units this size power Caribbean islands and larger shipping vessels.

EXPANSION INTO OTHER SECTORS: The Company also eventually plans to expand into the


- Marine market,


- Power generation market, and


- Rail market.


The size of the HG system required to service say a single 30,000hp engine alone could generates near US$500,000 (from one sale alone), large cargo ships generally have at least two.


Although small in size, relative to large power generation facilities such as those that power islands in the Caribbean, dynaCERT has already begun a nominal move into power generation using its existing HydraGENTM product line; in May-2017 dynaCERT announced a Collaboration with Northwest Territory Power Corp.

 ------ ------ ------ ------ ------ ------



With win-win supply/demand metrics in play now, along with the proprietary nature of its technology, plus the barriers to entry extremely high from a validation hard-data and reputational standpoint, DYA.V appears poised to handsomely reward shareholders establishing a long position now.


     Content found herein is not investment advice see Terms of Use, Disclosure & Disclaimer

*Projections, estimates, and assumptions herein are based on journalistic opinion, not Company guidance.



Further overview of dynaCERT Inc. and its technology


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 ------ ------ ------   ------ ------ ------   ------ ------ 

----- ------ ------   ------ ------ ------   ------ ------ 


On a newer second front, dynaCERT is exploring targeting 'off-grid' energy solutions

dynaCERT is positioning itself to become a world leader in research and development of hydrogen based technology solutions and is achieving this through non-dilutive government funding. Falling costs in solar, rechargeable lithium-ion batteries, and fuel cells are at a point in time whereby the confluence of all three technologies into an affordable, viable, coordinated fashion is a technology whose time is here to ‘cut-the-cord’ for potentially millions of homes in the future and offer standalone solutions.


dynaCERT's 'Off-Grid' Power Solutions Project


The following diagram shows an example of how dynaCERT's HydragenTM technology fits into the off-grid/cut-the-cord power system it is developing to provide renewable energy to the housing industry (also applicable to office spaces and industrial uses):



Figure 1. (above) dynaCERT 'off-grid' power solution diagram with close-up view of how a fuel cell functions. Solar panels and/or the hydrogen fuel cell will power the building by day using an energy optimization software. At night, the rechargeable batteries would then take over and activate the Hydragen™ unit which will keep the hydrogen fuel cell operating by providing the required hydrogen gas. The solar panels would also maintain the rechargeable batteries at full capacity until they are needed at night and the cycle repeats itself. Further, the pure oxygen which is also produced by the Hydragen™ unit would be used to improve the air quality in the building.


Fuel Cell 101


Fuel cells generate power by reacting hydrogen and oxygen in the presence of an electrolyte, a non-metallic conductor in which electrical flow is carried by the movement of ions, such as proton-exchange membrane cells. They function as follows:

  • Hydrogen gas (produced by dynaCERT's HydragenTM) is delivered to a negatively charged anode on one side of the cell while oxygen is channeled to a positively charged cathode on the other side.

  • At the anode, a catalyst (often involving platinum) knocks the hydrogen atoms’ electrons off, leaving positively charged hydrogen ions and free electrons.

  • A membrane placed between the anode and cathode only allows the ions to pass through, and the electrons must travel along an external circuit – generating an electric current.

  • At the cathode, the electrons and the hydrogen ions combine with oxygen to make water, which then flows out of the cell.

Cut-the-Cord Power Solutions -- an Industry that is Ripe for Rampant Growth and whose Time has Come


For the last couple decades players in fuel cell power generation sector have been involved in ongoing R&D focused on reducing cost and improving durability with the goal of eventually leading to mass commercialization/acceptance. Only a few years ago the industry experienced hydrogen fuel cell costs around $1,000 for every kilowatt of power they generated, now that cost is nearer $50 and expected to drop significantly further with technology in the pipeline (e.g. platinum-nickel alloys as catalysts (Lawrence Berkley Laboratories), and platinum with carbon silk (Ballard Power). Fuel cell technology is now at a point where in the near future, fuel cells are expected to increasingly replace conventional furnaces and electrical power utility reliance, providing homes and offices with heat and electricity, free from the disruptions associated with the utility's electric grid. Technological improvements and economies of scale associated with rechargeable lithium-ion batteries and renewable energies (such as solar) have led to lower costs/increased affordability for those technologies too, and this trend is projected to increase also. In-short, the cut-the-cord type system that dynaCERT is advancing which entails a confluence of solar, rechargeable batteries, hydrogen fuel production, and fuel cells in an affordable, viable, coordinated fashion is a technology whose time is here.


DYA.V has the Product, Wherewithal, and the People to be a Leader in the Cut-the-Cord Power Generation Sector


Central to the off-grid power system is dynaCERT's HydragenTM: dynaCERT is uniquely positioned with an established, proven, and reliable product capable of generating pure hydrogen and oxygen individually in a timed fashion; its 3 L/minute Hydrogen unit currently in service (in the trucking industry) is able to generate voluminous amounts of pure hydrogen, and the technology is scalable, able to generate amounts for multiple larger scenarios. The Company's up-to-300 L/minute Hydrogen unit, such as the one it used on a Wartsila engine at a utility in the Caribbean, is testimony to the Company's ability to consistently, reliably, and safely deliver pure hydrogen on demand.


Capitalized for success: The Company has stated it is the beneficiary of the push to see Canada reduce its carbon footprint; dynaCERT's May-2016 new release stated "It is an opportune time for dynaCERT to capitalize on this commitment to reduce carbon emissions and to access the Canadian and Ontario government grants and loans. As such, dynaCERT is positioning itself to become a world leader in research and development of hydrogen based technology solutions and receive available non-dilutive government funding."


dynaCERT's off-grid power generation project is spearheaded by highly-skilled and accomplished individuals: Dr. Richard Lü, an independent director at dynaCERT, has more than 20 years of global experience in the energy industry. Dr. Lü has been involved in managing public listed companies in the area of silicon production, solar cell manufacturing and solar panel production. He has led many initiatives in energy conservation, demand response, distributed energy and other sustainable developments. Dr. Lü heads a major solar power company developing and operating solar PV projects in Canada and the USA. Dr. Lü is working alongside Dr. Richard Bower, a physicist and solar energy expert.



dynaCERT Inc.'s Governance and Management  Skip to top


DYA.V's board of directors and management team has a well rounded combination of people that each contribute expertise in disciplines necessary for a successful organization:


Jim Payne, President, CEO and Director

Mr. Jim Payne is Chief Executive Officer, dynaCERT Inc. Mr. Payne also serves as Chief Executive Officer of his privately held consulting, project management and real-estate development company operating in the GTA and surrounding areas. Mr. Payne graduated from St. Clair College in Construction Engineering, Project Management and Estimating in 1974. He has successfully built and managed his own private companies for more than 38 years. This provides Mr. Payne with years of experience in accounting, business leadership, and the legal aspects of governance. Over the last decade Mr. Payne has taken his natural networking skills and built on them to create strong team dynamics that lead to success and generate movement. With a strong leadership presence, Mr. Payne is leading dynaCERT in a way that has helped to streamline corporate activities, generate growth, form new partnerships, and bring the corporate vision to a reality.


Jean-Pierre Colin, Director

Mr. Colin is a corporate strategy consultant to high-growth publicly listed companies. He has been a recognized senior securities industry executive and effective investment banking professional providing financing and mergers and acquisitions services to numerous prosperous issuers in Canada. As a result of his extensive financial background throughout his career, he has been called to lead teams of corporate finance professionals at national securities dealers, such as Richardson Greenshields, JP Colin Securities, Deacon Capital, Octagon Capital and Desjardins. He has also served as a high-profile corporate board director and C-suite executive of numerous public companies, often chairing audit committees, compensation committees and corporate governance committees, including with Premier Gold Mines; Wolfden Resources, sold to Zinifex for over $350 million; Virginia Gold whose Eleonore property was sold to Goldcorp for over $ 1 billion; and, Pelangio Mines, the former controlling shareholder of Detour Gold, one of Canada's largest gold mining operations. Mr. Colin holds a DCS from McGill University where he studied Biology & Engineering, an MBA from the University of Western Ontario, a Law Degree from the University of Ottawa and also practiced corporate law prior to his investment-banking profession.


Robert K. Maier, MBA, P.Eng, COO, Director

Robert Maier is a Mechanical Engineer who has spent over 30 years building machinery and technology companies. He served as president of MKG Inc., Kaperal Corp, and Semco Technologies which are all Ontario Companies. He was also the COO of MTA, a coal-mining equipment manufacturer in Pittsburgh. In addition he has served as VP Manufacturing for Skyjack Inc. and VP and director for Puma Engineering. All these companies developed and manufactured technology locally and shipped the products worldwide. Since 2011 he has been the President of SPS North America.

Ronald Perry, B. Comm, B.A., CA, Director

Mr. Ronald Perry has almost 30 years of accounting, financial and entrepreneurial business experience in high technology, venture capital and merchant banking companies. Since the year 2000, Mr. Perry has been the Founder and serves as President of Briolijor Corporation, a financial consulting company to both private and public corporations. Mr. Perry has been involved in all facets of business including statutory reporting, internal controls, legal aspects as well as all administrative responsibilities. Mr. Perry serves as a Director of Manitex Capital Inc. and Pinetree Capital Inc. Mr. Perry is a Chartered Accountant and holds a Bachelor of Commerce in Accounting from the Concordia University and Bachelor of Commerce in Administration from the Concordia University. As a Director with dynaCERT, Mr. Perry serves as the chair of the Audit Committee.


R. Wayne Hoffman, CA, Director

Mr. Hoffman has served as a member of the Corporation's Business Advisory Committee since October 2007. He is a Chartered Accountant and business executive with one of America's finest companies, Deere & Company, a corporation that is customer driven and places a heavy emphasis on quality and teamwork. He served as Vice-President, Finance at John Deere Limited for 25 years and President of John Deere Credit for over 8 years. As well, Mr. Hoffman spent two years in Deere & Company’s Business Development Dept. responsible for mergers and acquisitions. In his public service, Mr. Hoffman is volunteering as Treasurer of Christians For Israel, Canada, responsible for Planning and Development.


Richard Lu, Director

Richard has more than 25 years of global experience developing and implementing business strategies for organizations in North America, Europe and Asia. He has extensive experience in the energy industry. He was the President of Sky Solar (Canada) Ltd., and a Managing Director at Sky Solar Holdings Co., Ltd. Richard was the VP of Business Development at ARISE Technology Corporation, where he was instrumental in securing its long-term supply chain funding of close to $1 billion dollars. Richard also previously held the position of Chief Conservation Officer and VP of Toronto Hydro Corporation, where he developed and executed a sweeping portfolio ($110 million) of Conservation, Demand Management and Distributed Energy programs and was instrumental in creating an energy conservation culture in Ontario. Prior to that he was the Vice-President of Environment, Health and Safety, ensuring Toronto Hydro Corporation’s commitment to providing a safe and healthy workplace for employees and the strategies for achieving sustainable development and growth are successfully met. Richard has held senior positions with Enbridge Gas Distribution, Husky Injection Molding Systems Ltd., and Dillon Consulting.


Elliot Strashin, Director

Dr. Elliot Strashin brings with him a wealth of experience across a number of industries. His involvement with public mining companies began with Maple Minerals Inc. from 1996 - 2001, where he served as a director. In April of 1999 he joined the board of Canadian Golden Dragon Resources Ltd. as Corporate Secretary and became President and CEO in January of 2000. He continues to serve Dragon under its new name, Trillium North Minerals Ltd., as CEO and President. Dr. Strashin is also CEO and President of Strashin and Sons Limited, a private real estate development company that specializes in LEED1 certified, green building. dynaCERT's plant and offices are located in one of these buildings. In keeping with his green focus, Dr. Strashin has also involved himself in green technologies as a co-founder of Ellsin Environmental Ltd., which has built a prototype tire recycling plant in Sault Saint Marie and is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Environmental Waste International Inc. He is also a 50% shareholder and Chief Financial Officer of Puma Hydrocarbons Inc., a company whose purpose is to promote and generate sales for green technologies, including dynaCERT products.


Other - Key Management


Terrence MacDonald, CPA, CA, Corporate Secretary, CFOMMr. MacDonald, CPA, CA, is a Chartered Professional Accountant with over 30 years' experience in the financial, technology and resource sectors including major international experience in Europe and Asia, including 20 years working with Ernst & Young and KPMG. His extensive experience with public company financial reporting and regulatory compliance will be a major benefit for dynaCERT. He was previously an audit partner (with a mid-sized accounting firm) where he provided accounting, audit and transaction services to a diverse group of public companies. Mr. MacDonald also has significant experience in mergers and acquisitions, financial restructuring and strategic planning.


David Bridge, IT Specialist

Mr. Bridge has an extensive background in managing technology operations and multi-million dollar corporate ventures. He is an accomplished leader with extensive knowledge of restructuring and streamlining IT to increase efficiency and reduce cost. Mr. Bridge has held several senior IT positions with major firms for the past 25 years as well as successfully led teams at AMD, RBC Financials, Virgin Mobile and Blackberry. As the senior IT leader, he helped Virgin Mobile in Canada expand from a start-up to a key competitor in the Telecommunications sector. In his most recent position at Blackberry as a Director of Infrastructure, Architecture and Engineering, he led a high performance team that designed and supported large scale enterprise wide systems.



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